Fire Extinguisher (STP. 9kg)

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INTASAFETY 9 Kg STP Fire Extinguisher, Ideal environment: Warehouses, factories, trucks, buildings, parking lots, petrol stations, stadiums etc. Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher.

The largest handheld DCP extinguisher is ideally designed to combat larger fire risk. With 9kg of dry chemical powder, the 9kg is essential when fire risk is large.

ABC FIRES (Multi Use)

Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguishers are a versatile and highly effective medium to control all fires. They have been proven to be effective in extinguishing electrical fires, combustible fires and fires from flammable liquids. They are therefore an ideal fire fighting medium for home, vehicle and commercial use.


DCP Extinguishers must be serviced every 12 months (or sooner) to ensure general maintenance in accordance with SABS standards. The dial on the gauge must point on the green, indicating that the extinguisher is sufficiently charged. Extinguishers which are older than five years should go through a pressure test, and powder must be checked.

  • Manufacturer: INTASAFETY
  • Mass full: 13.1kg
  • Charge: 9kg
  • Mass empty: 4.1kg
  • Size: 180mm X 560mm
  • Fire Rating: 27A/183B

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